Cosmedia Triple C is an EO-free cationic liquid dispersion polymer used to improve viscosity as well as offering enhanced sensory and conditioning properties.

  • Improved electrolyte tolerance over similar cationic liquid dispersion polymers
  • Contains a hydrolysis stable high performance emollient
  • Excellent thickening efficiency
  • Emulsifying and suspending capabilities
  • Superior sensory profile for skin and hair
  • High sheer thinning and superior spreading
  • Opacifying properties
  • EO-free
  • Superior odor profile

Allows cold mixing in aqueous systems, thereby increasing process speed and efficiency and reducing energy costs in manufacture.

Cationic liquid dispersion. Suspending capabilities. Improved electrolyte tolerance of similar products. Superior sensory profile.

Cold processable, cationic compatible, excellent electrolyte tolerance, broad pH tolerance, with high shear thinning. 1 – 3% use level.




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