Cosmedia Ultragel 300 is a cationic polymer for rheology control that is ideal for crystal-clear formulations. It is also a preferred thickener for creams and lotions due to its excellent spreading properties and superior non-tacky, rich feel.

  • High active polymer in powder form
  • Efficient thickening and stabilization
  • Exceptional sensory profile; soft and silky feel
  • Conditioning properties for skin and hair
  • High degree of clarity to create transparent formulations
  • High yield value; ability to suspend beads and bubbles
  • Smooth pseudoplastic rheology
  • EO-free
  • Easy to disperse and does not require neutralization
  • Hot and cold processable
  • Suitable for a wide pH range
  • Compatible with cationic and nonionic concepts
  • Compatible with AHA and DHA (self tanning)

Cationic charged. Ideal for crystal clear formulas. Excellent spreading and suspension properties with a superior non-tacky, soft, silky, rich feel.

High active polymer, cationic compatible, psuedoplastic rheology, high yield value, 3 – 10 pH range. 0.5 – 2.0% use level.


Read the Salon Professional Brochure from BASF


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