Cutina PES builds up good viscosity and stability of o/w emulsion with different emulsifier systems (ionic/non-ionic), while at the same time creating a remarkable non-waxy and caring skin feel.

  • Elegant formulations with excellent skin feel
  • Delivers caring skin feel even in low concentrations
  • Reduced whitening
  • Significant improvement of skin softness &smoothness in polymer thickened formulations
  • Exhibits very good consistency build-up
  • New hydrophilic wax structure compatible with different emulsifiers types and emollients
  • Cutina PES is very flexible usage in different skin care applications
  • Highly symmetric structure supports formulation stability
  • Excellent emulsification property
  • Supports softness due to positive effect on upper skin layers

Cutina PES provides excellent softness and smoothness. 1-5% use level.



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