Dehyquart Guar N is a conditioning polymer especially designed for rinse-off applications such as shampoos, hair treatments, and body cleansing products.

  • Quaternised guar flour
  • Recommended usage:0.2 â 0.5% r
  • Active Matter: Approx 90 %
  • Good conditioning properties
  • Improved wet and dry combability
  • Positive influence on anti hair-breakage
  • Soft skin feel
  • Quality improvement of foam


Because of its cationic character Dehyquart Guar N is substantive to hair and has a favorable effect on wet and dry combability. Its compatibility with anionic surfactants makes this cationic guar derivative a universally usable conditioning agent in shampoos and hair aftertreatment agents. Dehyquart Guar N of citric acid to start the swelling process in water. It is therefore preferently used in emulsion-type or pearlescent preparations.



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