Deriphat 160 C is a unique, multi-functional amphoteric surfactant.It can function as a foamer, cleaning agent, corrosion inhibitor, anda hydrotrope. The isoelectric point is 2.4 to 4.2.

  • Easy to formulate ultra concentrates
  • Stable in strong acid and alkaline solutions
  • Lasting corrosion inhibition
  • Foam not effected by pH or electrolytes
  • Effective hydrotrope
  • Good emulsifier at low concentrations
  • Listed on CleanGredients approved DfE
  • Solubilizer for cationic germicides

Deriphat 160 C is especiallyvaluable for its ability to produce and maintain stableemulsions at extremes of pH. It will function effectively athighly alkaline pH where most cationic, non-ionic and anionicemulsifiers are ineffective.

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