Dermagenist®  PW BC10004

A marjoram extract rich in Vicenin and Luteolin-7-0-glucuronide, to re-establish fibroblast functions including:

  • Waking up fibroblasts ‚ the key machinery that provides skin firmness
  • Repairs fibroblasts‚Äô mechanical properties and restores functionality through epigenetics
  • Restore ability to produce key structural proteins, such as collagen
  • Firmness and density are significantly improved, to bring back a naturally more youthful appearance

Fibrolastdynamic structure is improved: 22% increase in actin synthesis, stretch and adhesion fibers are reinforced

Enviroment impacts on the skin are lowered: 30% decrease of environmentally-driven methylation, gene transcription is switched on


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        Maltodextrin (and) OriganumMajorana Leaf Extract