Dermalcare® AVOLIA MB is a new optimized and balanced solution to replace non-volatile silicone oils in hair care. It is a unique ready-to-use liquid system consisting on a readily biodegradable bacterial cellulose as the main component that delivers high-suspension power in rinse-off products without impacting viscosity. Additionally it has outstanding sustainability credentials and a great performance profile in wet & dry combing, as well as in sensory.

Key Features:

  • Highly improves wet & dry combing forces
  • Enhances hair softness (wet & dry stages)
  • Silicone-like sensorial signature: soft, non-greasy feel and free-flowing hair with balanced profile between the care and lightness respectively brought by a natural oil and Dermalcare® LIA MB.
  • Universal: effectively conditions all hair types (Caucasian, Asian, textured, virgin, damaged) with no negative (no heaviness and cleanliness issue)
  • Can be used in a versatile manner in shampoos, conditioners and treatments
  • Can be used into clear shampoos
  • Less build-up/volume-down effect in multiple application versus silicone
  • Replacement ratio with Amodimethicone: 1:1
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