Elestab® HP 100 is a hydrosoluble antimicrobial cationic substance with a wide spectrum of activity against bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. It contains neither free nor combined formaldehyde, has a good cutaneous/mucous local tolerance and has an excellent coefficient of security compared to other antiseptics. It resists to inactivation by sebum and is a substantive and an indirect anti-irritant for the skin. This product is recommended for specific hair care focusing activity on dandruff-prone scalps. Due to its cationic behavior, it is particularly suitable for rinse-off treatments.


Elestab HP 100 has been the subject of a clinical study to demonstrate the anti-dandruff and anti-desquamation effect of a shampoo containing 0.1% Elestab HP 100 in comparison to shampoo with 1% zinc pyrithione.


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