Emulgade® Verde 10 OL is a naturally derived O/W emulsifier with strong competencies in emulsifying properties and stability. It supports nano-scale emulsion formation with various emollients even at high content. Emulgade® Verde 10 OL behaves as a key emulsifier to deliver unique textures in skincare and haircare applications such as high-oil load sprays. It also can act as a co-emulsifier to help enhance stability. This emulsifier is very mild, nonionic, free from PEGs and suitable for sensitive skin. It provides flexibility to formulators because of its compatibility with emollients which have broad ranges of HLB and polarity.


  • From 100% natural feedstock
  • Solvent-free manufacturing process
  • Suitable for sensitive skin (dermatologist tested)
  • Preservative free
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        Polyglyceryl-10 Oleate