Emulsun® is a botanical, low-cost, PEG-free emulsifier which forms liquid crystal emulsions without shear mixing.  Emulsun is a versatile sunflower-derived o/w emulsifier delivered in easy to handle particles.  Emulsun offers formulators the flexibility to achieve target viscosity without the use of secondary emulsifiers. Emulsun is an excellent choice to create stable, aesthetically pleasing emulsions.


Ease of Addition: Emulsun is an easy to handle spherical particle. The free-flowing particles improve dosing precision from bench-top formulations to large-scale production lines. The Emulsun particle form also offers an increased surface area compared to flakes or pellets. This allows Emulsun to be efficiently melted and blended. This increases throughput, lowers heating requirements, and creates a greener production process. Compatibility: Emulsun is compatible with natural and synthetic oils, esters, silicones, ethanol, sunscreens, and thickeners.

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      Hydrogenated Sunflower Seed Oil Polyglyceryl-3 Esters