EPIGENIST the epidermal rejuvenator has the ability to boost neuritogenesis in the epidermis. When applied on the skin, this ingredient reverses the natural degradation of nerve fibers and their growth restarts, counterbalancing time passing by. EPIGENIST  improves cell longevity, increases epidermal thickness, and increases epidermal cohesion and quality, accomplishing are structured and thicker epidermis in 8 weeks. This product is recommended for daily anti-aging treatments, anti-dull skin products, and for the treatment of fine wrinkles.

  • Also known as the Earth Pea or Jugo Bean. Grown primarily as a food source
  • Improves PC12 neuritogenesis, or nerve growth, within the epidermis and reduces apoptosis
  • Increases epidermal thickness and the development of new tissue layers via cell proliferation
  • Improves epidermal cohesion and structural quality
  • Clinically proven to smooth wrinkles and improve radiance


Improves communication between the skin and the nervous system. By improving tissue development:

  • Accelerates epidermal renewal
  • Wrinkles are smoothed
  • Skin is more radiant


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