Vigon’s extensive on-site processing capabilities allow them to produce and offer a wide variety of products and solutions that can be customized to meet your specific needs. With over 3,000 products in their portfolio, you will be able to find the best ingredient solutions for your formulations.

Get Started with These Ingredients

Product Sample
Argan Oil (deodorized) 🛒
Argan Oil Organic (deodorized) 🛒
Citronella Oil Java 🛒
Clove Leaf Oil Redistilled 🛒
Lemon Oil California 🛒
Lemongrass Oil EI FCC 🛒
Peppermint Oil Redistilled 🛒
Spearmint Oil Native FCC 🛒
Rosemary Oil Morocco 🛒
Tea Tree Oil 🛒
Orange Oil Florida 🛒
Geranium Oil Egypt 🛒
Lavender 40/42 🛒
Lavandin Grosso 🛒
Patchouli Oil Light 🛒
Cinnamon Bark Oil 🛒