Ethience® Protect is the eco-conscious barrier function balancer. It focuses on the skin’s three structural layers, that overlaps: the lipid layer on the skin’s surface, ensures primary protection, the stratum corneum that, like bricks set in mortar, consists of corneocytes embedded in a lipid matrix and the viable epidermis with its strong intercellular cohesion, ensured by different types of cellular junctions and the solidity, warranted by the cell cytoskeletons.

Our body is constantly fighting against external agents, such as pollution and climate change. The skin is the body’s first line of defense, preventing the entry of harmful components and avoiding excessive water loss. But, disruptions to the skin’s barrier function can be caused also by intrinsic conditions, such as stress, and these both factors can lead to compromised skin. Typically, compromised skin is dry, irritated, reactive, and sensitive, and it can be the source of strong discomfort. Protecting and strengthening all these players involved in upholding the skin’s crucial barrier function is essential for maintaining healthy and radiant skin.

By acting on these three essential skin levels, Ethience® Protect relieves compromised skin: the protective outermost lipid layer – to prevent the entry of external components; the bricks and mortar of the stratum corneum – to uphold a cohesive structure; the viable epidermis – to restore keratinocyte solidity and cohesion and thus reinforcing the skin’s structure, promoting a strong and resilient barrier function.

Ethience® Protect

Features & Benefits of Ethience® Protect

  • Moisturizing
  • Skin repair
  • Maintenance of the skin barrier function


  • Creams, serums, and moisturizing lotion
  • Proaging products
  • Care for sensitive and dry skin
  • Care for skin repair



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