euxyl® PE 9010 is used as a preservative for cosmetics and toiletries. The product is used at a recommended use concentration of 0.5 – 1.0 %. In accordance with the conditions stipulated in Directive 76/768/EEC this preservative may be used in cosmetic preparations (leave-on and rinse-off) in a use concentration up to a maximum of 1.1%.

The active substance phenoxyethanol (90%) is used in euxyl® PE 9010. As an auxiliary compound the formulation additionally contains ethylhexylglycerin in a concentration of 10%. Both substances have undergone extensive toxicological testing. On the basis of the results with the given upper concentration limit of 1.1%

Can be considered safe for the preservation of cosmetics and toiletries.

Furthermore, a skin tolerability study (occlusive patch test) of this preservative compared to phenoxyethanol showed that there is no difference in skin tolerability between euxyl® PE 9010 and phenoxyethanol. During the entire test period no reactions to either phenoxyethanol or euxyl® PE 9010 used in the maximum use concentrations could be observed. This skin tolerability test has been carried out on Caucasian skin in Germany and on Japanese skin in Japan.

This preservative has a broad, balanced spectrum of effect against bacteria, yeast, and mold fungi. It is stable to hydrolysis, temperature, and pH. As a result of good solubility of this product, an easy dispersion of various systems even at low temperature are possible. 

Features & Benefits of euxyl® PE 9010

  • Broad, balance spectrum preservative
  • Stable to hydrolysis, temperature, and pH
  • Good solubility
  • Effective pH range up to 12
  • Tolerates high salt content 
  • Good compatibility with cosmetic ingredients 
  • No interaction with sulfite ions and pigments such as titanium dioxide

euxyl® PE 9010


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