Fiber Booster Plus Ginkgo increases the production of the synthesis of dermis fibres, collagens and proteoglycans, elastin made by fibroblasts. Those different fibres, which shape a kind of complex interlacing around cells, constitute the supporting mattress of skin. In the same time, it also decreases the production of the enzyme responsible for the destruction of those fibres. And to complete its anti-ageing effect, it protects epidermis skin cells against free radicals made both through skin biochemical reactions and environment (especially UVB).Thanks to those actions, the extra-cell matrix keeps a complex aspect and can keep playing its part, by supporting skin.

Ginkgo is considered as the oldest tree in the world because of its longevity and its exceptional resistance to urban pollution or the explosion of nuclear bomb in Hiroshima. Born in China, it is the only one exemplar of its family, as all the others have been fossilized. It is a sacred tree in Asia but in Western countries it is a decorative tree, like in Art Nouveau. Its many healing properties (action on microcirculation, antiseptic, antioxydant, etc.) make it a multifunctional plant in the Chinese traditional medicine.

Marketing claims – anti-ageing & anti-oxidant
Anti-ageing, firming, densifying, reinforces skin resistance, keeps skin firm,
smooth and supple, protects against free radicals, against oxidation
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