Floraesters IPJ is a jojoba-derived emollient blend for use in cosmetic preparations such as skincare, color cosmetics, and hair care. This is a unique source of isopropyl jojoba (IPJ) esters and jojoba alcohol. This low viscosity-coupling agent provides drier skin feel during application with no oily residue. The lubricity provided to formulations, at low use levels, makes Floraesters IPJ an ideal candidate for improving the tactile experience of all stick products. Floraesters IPJ is extraordinary as a binder in face powder, eye shadow, and blush. Pressed products glide on easily and evenly with a velvety-smooth skin feel. The greater polarity, lubricity, solvency and absorbency aids in the formulation of the most difficult systems. Unlike jojoba oil, Floraesters IPJ is easily solubilized into clear shampoos. The jojoba alcohols (C 20:1 and C 22:1) act as secondary emulsifiers that assist in the formation and stabilization of emulsions. This gives Floraesters IPJ excellent wetting and pigment binding properties. The required HLB is 6.5.

Floraesters IPJ

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