Full Detox Eucalyptus (eucalyptus punctata leaf cell extract)

acts for skin to get back to its purifying balances. Indeed it helps epidermis to get them back by providing a better cell regeneration, and the elimination of toxins through a controlled respiration – cells respire from the beginning to the end, meaning to the release of CO2 . But also by limiting the stocking of lipids at the surface of the epidermis – because it degrades them, and by reducing the creation of free radicals caused by urban atmospheric pollution agents. Thanks to those actions, epidermis cells free from disturbing elements can get back their activity at its original level.

As a mythical plant from Australia, eucalyptus is an aromatic and ancestral tree of the australian earth. It it is used as food by koalas which live in its branches. It is a medicinal plant: it is used not only by Aborigines but also all over the world as an antiseptic (leaves are applied on wounds), antipyretic and expectorant. It is also a mythical creature of the DreamTime, that shaped the Earth and its landscapes, the Blue Mountains (its blue colour comes from the eucalyptus that exhale essential oil).

Marketing claims – purifying & oxygenating purifying, detoxifying, oxygenating, contributes to the elimination of toxins, cell regenerating, helps to get a matt skin and a radiant complexion, antioxidative, protects from pollution effects.

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