HYDAGEN® Clean by BASF is a natural texturizing agent based on konjac gum. It is a COSMOS-approved rheology modifier. Its film-forming and gelation properties allow for exceptional textures. It is cold processable and is suitable for aqueous systems like gels, fluids and serums, as well as more novel formats such as patches, jellies and peel-off formulations. It possesses low microbial count and shows rapid dissolution in both cold and hot water. HYDAGEN® Clean is characterized not only by its high quality but also by its ease of use. It offers a natural alternative to synthetic polymers. It has been proven to have an immediate cooling effect when used in eye patch formulations. It is designed for face care, body care and styling products with pleasant sensory profiles.
INCI: Glucomannan
Fields of Application ▪ Face & Body Care ▪ Color Cosmetics ▪ New cleansing formats ▪ Hair Styling
High quality: low microbial specification, low dust ▪ Suitable for skin microbiome friendly formulations
▪ Easy to handle: fast dissolution in cold and hot water, no agglomeration ▪ Forms colorless, translucent gels with low stringiness
▪ Good thickening polymer in aqueous systems from low to high viscosities ▪ Stable thickening from pH 4 to 7 ▪ Good electrolyte tolerance
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