Hydrasensyl® Glucan Green merges the beneficial properties of hyaluronic acid and collagen: The primary structure of this beta-glucan resembles hyaluronic acid, also consisting of a long chain of disaccharide units made of two glucose derivatives. This structure enables Hydrasensyl® Glucan to bind large amounts of water in the skin like a natural water-superabsorber. At the same time, the polysaccharide chains are intertwined to form a rope-like, highly resilient triple-helix like collagen. This 3D structure makes Hydrasensyl® Glucan highly stable and insensitive towards harsh formulation conditions. Besides its clinically proven skin smoothing and hydrating properties, it helps to reduce the appearance of redness.

Product Description
Purified, crystal-clear solution of a native Beta-Glucan, providing short-term, long-term and persistent hydration, smoothing the skin and quickly reducing erythema.

Consumer Benefits
Moisturization, Feminine hygiene, Men Care, Soothing / Sensitivity decrease, Resurfacing, Calming

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