Inner Renewal CC+AA: Skin cells are damaged all the time, specifically because of their exposure to free radicals that modify their structure, causing them to function less efficiently and ultimately affecting their DNA. Essentially, they are aging rapidly. While we cannot stop oxidation, we can slow it down and stimulate the repair of cell functions, especially the fibroblasts. This helps to keep skin firmer, with fewer wrinkles, and younger-looking.

Inner Renewal CC+AA improves fibroblast function by protecting them from physiological oxidative stress and by stimulating their multiplication. This product relaunches the proliferation of keratinocytes, essential for the skin’s density and surface hydration. It restores the synthesis of components essential to the skin’s firmness: collagen fibers and polysaccharides.

Thanks to its targeted action in the heart of the dermis, Inner Renewal CC+AA allows the skin to retain a younger, less wrinkled appearance. 

Features & Benefits of Inner Renewal CC+AA

  • Anti-wrinkle: helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, especially crow’s feet (face)
  • Anti-aging: firming, enhanced suppleness, helps to relauch collagen and GAG synthesis 
  • Regenerating: increases epidermal cell renewal
  • Anti-oxidant: limits damage caused by oxidative stress

A VEGETAL STORY High Tech Natural

Cornflower + Vitamin C As a complete natural delivery system, plant cells can integrate a lot of molecules, including high-tech and pharmaceutical molecules. Naolys created this new shell based on Cornflower cells delivering vitamin C (1%) to help key skin cells maintain their functions for longer, especially keeping the skin naturally firm. Cornflowers are a wild herbaceous plant that often grows near cereals and attracts pollinating insects. Vitamin C is a natural molecule that occurs in several varieties of fruits, such as citrus.

Inner Renewal CC+AA

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