InnerLift Calendula offers a holistic approach to skin health, intervening in epidermal differentiation, regulating inflammation, and restoring skin lipids to optimize skin harmony. This intelligent cellular stimulation specifically targets oxidation-sensitive proteins and senescent cells, boosting the production of essential components like elastin, collagen, GAGs, and ceramides.

Enhanced protection strengthens the skin’s barrier, minimizes water loss, and promotes water retention, creating a robust defense against internal and external threats. By preserving the extracellular matrix, InnerLift Calendula fosters deep cell regeneration, contributing to skin resilience, elasticity, and firmness.

Clinical Test Results:

  • Instant moisturizing effect: Increased 48% after 2 hours
    • 100% of volunteers reported softer skin
    • 95% reported nourished and hydrated skin
    • 90% noted repaired dry areas
  • Wrinkle transformation at 28 days: 24% reduction in wrinkles’ length
    • 100% reported improved skin appearance
    • 95% felt their skin was regenerated
    • 80% observed reduced wrinkles

In Vitro Test Results:

  • Combatting oxidized proteins: -17%
  • Anti-inflammation: IL1-α (-16%), IL 6 (-18%), PGE2 (-17%)
  • Regeneration: +17% cellular proliferation
  • Skin cohesion: Loricrine (+17%), Involucrin (+15%), Ceramides (+19%)
  • Remodeling of the ECM: Collagen (+14%), Elastin (+13%), GAGs (+16%)
  • Lowering senescent cells: -23%

InnerLift Calendula works in synergy with the body’s natural mechanisms to restore skin health, addressing both endogenous and external factors for comprehensive skin care.

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