Light & Energy Coffee and Saffron acts at the level of epidermis on three main activities: the production of energy, respiration and oxidation. First, it stimulates the production of global cell energy: it relaunches the synthesis of ATP, the energy form that is necessary to skin cells, at the level of mitochondria – the organits which degrade sugars to make energy. Second, it improves cell respiration, even when skin experiences hard conditions, which helps to increase the production of energy in the same time. Third, it protects epidermis against oxidation, the physiological oxidation and the one induced by UV rays, by limiting the creation of free radicals. And free radicals lead to deleterious effects in long and short terms, especially in the process of cell respiration.

Thanks to those actions, skin cells can get a level of activity enough to perform all their functions, including those limited by ageing.

Marketing claims


Improves skin metabolism. Helps to stimulate cell regeneration and all cell functions in the epidermis.


Limits the creation of free radicals due to the physiological processes and free radicals induced by UVB.


Helps skin to get a tone more radiant, by detoxifiing and oxygenating skin cells.

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