Luviset Shape (CHANGE TO LUVISET PURA) is a unique styling polymer specifically developed for fast drying, non-tacky, aqueous based hair sprays providing long-lasting hold even under the most humid conditions. It has outstanding sprayability characteristics and produces no foam or beading on the hair. This property makes it an excellent choice for low VOC formulations with a high water content down to VOC 35.

  • Strong long-lasting hold
  • Reduced flaking
  • High humidity resistance
  • Fast drying, non-foaming fine spray designed for high water content formulas
  • Low initial curl droop
  • Non-tacky feel during application and after drying
  • Excellent sprayability
  • high water compatibility, ideal for low VOC
  • No beading
  • Excellent performance in the 35-80% VOC range

Partially neutralized anionic polymer. Strong, long-lasting hold that leaves a non-tacky feel during the application and after drying. Designed for high water content formulas.




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