MAHAKANNI STLC self-tanning liposome concentrate (MAHAKANNI STLC) is an extract from Eclipta Alba which delivers natural tanning to the skin. The self-tanning properties are a result of the reaction of DHAP(2-hydroxy-1,4-DHAP) with the skin. This is further enhanced by the plant based novel black brown natural pigment, phyto-eumelaninin a similar totally natural reaction with keratin protein which is present in the surface of the skin and results in a red-brown color. Although similar to the reaction of synthetic dihydroxyacetone (DHA) the color reaction of DHA is a typical yellow-orange color.

Also in the extract is the presence of complex lipids, such as phosphoglyceride derivatives, glycerophosphates, phosphosphingo lipids and Sphingomyelin. Sphingomyelin reacts with the horny layer of the skin, forming a biological barrier film, which functions to tighten and firm skin and reduce trans epidermal moisture loss.

The combination of  DHAPand phyto-eumelanin forms the respective scleroDHAP and scleroeumelanin compounds which are both red-brown in color and have total UV absorption properties. The other unique point is the presence of natural ascorbic acid in Mahakanni STLC which further reacts with DHAP to produce hydroDHAP, which is also a recognized UV absorber.

Stabilized Catalase Enzymes act on H2O2 at the cellular level as a free-radical scavenger and reduce the hydrogen peroxide into free oxygen and water. The catalase activity is useful as a cosmetic approach for vitiligo patches.

Collectively these reactions create a more natural and even color than when compared to DHA and develop quicker with lasting results (typically 3 weeks color) with reapplication. Will notrub off on your skin or clothes once skin is completely dry, which is another benefit over DHA containing products.


Suggested dosage levels 5% to 6.5%.






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