Microzest 25 Gardenia Blue is a plant-based micronized powder. The micronization process ensures soft and smooth textures. For marketing appeal, Gardenias are widely used as exotic ornamental flowers in corsages, as houseplants, and in some regions as outdoor plants. A yellow silk dye has been made for centuries from the chemical compound acrocetin extracted from the gardenia berry. The blue pigments are edible and are currently being used as a blue food colorant in East Asia.

Excellent natural profile: 100 % Renewable, biodegradable, GMO-Free

Particle Size: 

≤25µm ≥50%

≤50µm ≥95%

Its extremely fine particles size enables dispersion or solubilization in numerous formulations, Microzest 25 is designed to be dispersible in the oily phase.