Miracare® OMG is a highly efficient emulsifier for creating transparent, high internal phase oil-in-water emulsions. It is highly suitable for the emulsification of non-polar oils and combinations of a wide variety of esters, non-polar oils and polar oils for use in skin care, hair care and other cosmetic products.

  • Function of Miracare® OMG: Emulsifier
  • Benefits: Combing / Detangling, Hydrating / Moisturizing, Non irritant, Non sticky / Non tacky feel, Rinsability, Softness, Sensory experience enhancement, Natural origin
  • End Use : Hair leave-in (Serums & Treatments), Hair rinse-off (Mask & Conditioners), Facial cleanser, Make-up removal

Miracare® OMG


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      Cetyl betaine, glycerin, hydroxypropyl guar