Nutrilan® Keratin LM is a Micro-Protein with a mean molecular weight* ~ 2,000 Da, intended to rebuild and strengthen hair fiber. Composed of Keratin protein hydrolysate from natural wool/hair source that penetrates intodeeper layers of the hair with long-lasting effects including:

  • Repair of structural damage
  • Reduction of hair-breakage
  • Improved toughness
  • Protection against external aggressors

Being a high anti-oxidant active, Nutrilan® Keratin LM, is a natural damage blocker that is capable of healingdamage caused by chemical, mechanical and environmental stressors, through the stabilization ofthe Œ±-helical protein leading to improved structural rigidity and hair toughness.

Additionally,Nutrilan® Keratin LM is:Gluten-Free

  • Gluten-Free
  • Easy to formulate (Cold Processable)
  • Protects against Copper ‚ Free Radicals

Read the Salon Professional Brochure from BASF

There is a correlation between copper levels in hair and the perception of hair damage. The more damaged the hair is, the more copper it can bind. During oxidative processes like hair bleaching or coloring and exposure to sun light, copper catalyzes the formation of free radicals. Those radicals cause protein degradation on the cuticle layers. The more copper is present in hair, the higher the amount of protein degradation/hair damage.

Protection against Hair Aging


Tested on 2 x ultra bleached Caucasian hair without / with 5 % protein hydrolysate ( 1 % active)

Hair Tensile Strength Test


Tested with 5 % protein hydrolysate on 3 x ultra-bleached Caucasian hair vs. placebo, pH 5.5, 24 h

Penetrates into the hair and remain inside even after the washing process


The penetration and repeated use of Nutrilan Keratin LM, improves hair structure making combing easier by 20% over shampoo without a protein hydrolysate.






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