Optimum Life Angelica
It is Naolys new active ingredient made from Angelica (angelica archangelica), a medicinal herb highly regarded for its protective properties, maintains the skin’s well-being while at the same time slowing its aging, by regulating vital cellular functions.

These active angelica cells strengthen the three basic cellular functions of respiration, nutrition, and communication, including in the presence of oxidants such as UV and pollutant residues, thereby providing the skin with enhanced protection against aging. They provide the following effects at the cellular level in the dermis and the epidermis:

Optimum Life Angelica is available now in the 4 standard forms.
To be used in skincare products (face and body) and in make-up products.
Liquid forms comply with COSMOS or NATRUE standards

Benefits of Optimum Life Angelica

  • Anti-aging
    • Stimulates collagen and elastin production making the skin firmer and more supple
  • Anti-wrinkle
    • Helps to reduce wrinkles on the face, especially crow’s feet
  • Balancing and stimulating, for healthy cellular function
    • Helps to keep cellular metabolism balanced (nutrition and respiration). Slows the deterioration in cellular communication caused by natural aging
  • Protecting, antioxidant and anti-pollution
    • Decreases oxidation caused by UV and pollution particles in cell metabolism.
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