Optiphen BD is a globally approved, broad spectrum liquid preservative system that does not contain any halo-organic compounds, formaldehyde, formaldehyde releasers or parabens. It is effective against Gram-negative bacteria, yeast and mold. Optiphen BD was designed specifically for personal care formulations with a pH up to 6.4. It is based on a combination of nature-identical substances: Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid and Benzoic acid and is included in our family of modern preservative products.

ECOCERT-, COSMOS-, NATRUE- and BDIH-compliant, Optiphen BD preservative is a synthetic version of naturally occurring substances with excellent efficacy and global approval for rinse-off and leave-on applications. It can be selected for natural or organic personal care products in order to meet the above standards.

Suggested Applications



Optiphen BD preservative has proven to be an effective preserving system for rinse-off-products like shampoos, shower-gels, foam-baths etc., as these products generally have slightly acidic pH, which is a necessary condition for a safe use, as explained above.

Optiphen BD preservative is well suited for high-quality care-cosmetics like creams, emulsions, lotions and gels, if they conform to the necessary pHconditions. Optiphen BD preservative can be used in O/W-emulsions as well as in W/O-emulsions.

Wet- Wipes

We can also recommend Optiphen BD preservative for use in wet wipes systems due to its good antifungal effect. It is important to control the acidic pH-value after the wipe is produces. This helps to eliminate any possible influence of the base sheet.

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