Demand for preservatives based on actives without alcohol, paraben, isothiazolones halogens and formaldehyde, particularly within lower pH systems, is increasing. Cost-efficient progressive preservatives that represent an alternative to traditional preservative systems and follow natural ingredient trends are frequently requested. Ashland now offers Optiphen P technology platform to address these demands.

Optiphen DLP preservative is the second preservative launched in this family. It provides excellent antifungal boosting properties at low levels and a broad spectrum protection at higher levels. The active ingredient, dehydroacetic acid, is delivered in an optimized delivery system that maximizes the active efficacy without interfering with or destabilizing cosmetic formulations, and with minimum impact on color in many end products. Optiphen DLP was designed specifically for personal care formulations with a pH up to 6.4.

Suggested Applications



Wet- Wipes

Optiphen DLP preservative has proven to be an effective preserving system for rinse-off-products like shampoos, shower-gels, foam-baths and more.

Optiphen DLP preservative is well suited for high-quality care-cosmetics like creams, emulsions, lotions and gels. Optiphen DLP preservative can be used in O/W-emulsions as well as in W/O-emulsions.

Ashland also recommends Optiphen DLP preservative for use in wet wipe systems. It is important to control the acidic pH value after the wipe is produced. This helps to eliminate any possible influence of the base sheet.

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