Demand for preservatives without alcohol, paraben, isothiazolones halogens and formaldehyde, particularly within lower pH systems, is increasing. Cost-efficient progressive preservatives that represent an alternative to traditional preservative systems and follow natural ingredient trends are frequently requested. Ashland now offers Optiphen™ P technology platform to address these demands.

Optiphen DP preservative is the first preservative launched in this family. It provides comprehensive antimicrobial protection in aqueous and emulsion-type personal care formulations and incorporates an optimized delivery system to maximize the actives efficacy usually without interfering or destabilizing cosmetic formulations, such as emulsions.

Suggested Applications



Wet- Wipes

Optiphen DP preservative has proven to be an effective preserving system for rinseoff-products like shampoos, shower-gels, foam-baths and more. These products generally have a slightly acidic pH, which is a necessary condition for a safe use, as explained above.

Optiphen DP preservative is well suited for high-quality care-cosmetics like creams, emulsions, lotions and gels, if they conform to the necessary pH-conditions. Optiphen DP preservative can be used in O/W-emulsions as well as in W/O Emulsions.

Ashland also recommends Optiphen DP preservative for use in wet wipe-systems. It is important to control the acidic pH-value after the wipe is produced. This helps to eliminate any possible influence of the base sheet.

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