Pearl Extract (PWS) is produced from Japan Inland Sea Freshwater Oyster cells that are cloned and tissue-cultured in industrial biotechnological vats, to secrete Pearl secretions at regular intervals, and the Pearl secretion is collected before being calcified or harden; and frizzed-dried and lyophilized.

Pearl Extract (PWS) entirely dissolves in water and 95-99% is absorbed into the skin, which is 4 times the absorption of ordinary pearl powder and unlike ordinary pearl which can only be ingested.

Once absorbed into the skin it produces enzymatic metabolic activities and promotes skin growth of new cells and replenishes the skin surface, for smooth, fine and more elastic result and a whiter appearance. The lighter skin is a component of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), an antioxidant enzyme, and its ability to not reduce the formation of dark pigmented melanin but rather form a colorless and invisible and photoprotective functional melanin know as leuco-melanin. Additionally SOD has the function of clearing the skin of cellulite natured toxins.

Not only does the Pearl Extract (PWS) work below the epidermis, but it forms a light protective barrier that scatters white light from the skin surface and reflects the respective color band of light at the deeper levels of the epidermis and protects the cellular tissue from free- radicals.

Pearl Extract (PWS) because of its restorative properties has the ability to heal minor wounds, remove color spots and blemishes. And because of its TEWL properties, acts as an extension to exfoliators like Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids reducing the harshness.

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