Piece of Nature

Decorative particles are nature in its purest state. Put the ingredient at the core of the formulation, not only as an active ingredient but also as an eye-catching visual with that “WOW” factor for customers. Flower petals in bottles provide beautiful displays of nature in your product and the result of this allows customers to see what they are using on their skin.

Petals, flowers, and leaves are meticulously isolated from the plant and hand sorted by Lessonia.

  • Piece of Rosa Damascena
  • Piece of Calendula
  • Piece of Chamomilla Head
  • Piece of Jasmine
  • Piece of Prosopis
  • Piece of White Helichrysum
  • Piece of Pink Helichrysum
  • Piece of Lavender Bloom
  • Piece of Cornflower
  • Piece of Amaranth
  • Piece of Ivory Rose

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