Plurafac® RCS-43 surfactant is a low-foaming, nonionic concentrate specially modified to promote the rapid formulation of rinse aids or rinse aid concentrates. It is 80% active and designed to yield high performance, quick-dry formulations specifically for use in rinse-aid applications. Plurafac® RCS-43 surfactant is liquid at room temperature. It can be diluted rapidly with water without formation of a surfactant/water gel. It is specifically compounded with rinse-aid formulators in mind. Care was taken to insure reduced spotting, reduced rainbow, and a sharp water break to promote a fast, sparkling dry.Plurafac® RCS-43 is soluble in water, alcohols, and glycol ethers. It is partly soluble in chlorinated and aromatic solvents, and insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons such as kerosene or mineral oil.



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