Pluriol E 200 LS is a polyethylene glycol with an average molecular weight of 200. It is a clear, odorless almost colorless, viscous liquid. It is heat stable and hygroscopic, and has a low vapor pressure. Pluriol E 200 LS is soluble in water, acetone, ethanol, ethyl acetate and toluene.The two primary hydroxyl groups of Pluriol E 200 LSmay undergo typical alcohol reactions to form monoesters, diesters, ethers, acetals and amines.Polyethylene glycol fatty esters are useful plasticizers for vinyl resins and other materials.Polyesters of maleic acid are used commercially as copolymers with Vinyl monomers, styrene and vinyl esters. The resins are used for impregnation and molding.Polyethylene glycols are used as lubricants for the air bags in pneumatic tires. Suitable as paper softeners because of their humectant properties and low vapor pressure. Also used as plasticizers in the manufacture of uncoated cellophane and cellulose sponges.Polyethylene glycols and their fatty acid derivatives are used for such varied purposes as emulsification, washing, lubrication, static prevention, pigment dispersion and softening in textiles and leather applications. Used in the production of steam set printing inks. When used in combination with ethylene and diethylene glycols, they control the amount of moisture pickup in the setting of inks.



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