Polycare® HEAT Therapy is a non-ecotoxic double-derivatized cationic guar suitable for transparent formulations that protects and cares for hair exposed to extreme temperatures. It protect by forming a natural shield, an invisible and imperceptible barrier on the hair surface that helps maintain the physical and sensory qualities of hair, thus avoiding damage when using heat devices.

This heat protection active provides discipline to hair, fastens the straightening and provides good conditioning for an easier detangling. It brings softness to the hair with a nude feel. Combined with vegetable oils, ester oils, it can even address over-processed hair.

Features & Benefits of Polycare® HEAT Therapy

  • Heat protection (up to 230°C)
  • Discipline & straightening effect
  • Superior care performance for damaged hair
  • Zero build-up in multiple applications
  • Bio-based and non-ecotoxic

Polycare® HEAT Therapy offers superior protection and care, resulting in less hair damage even with repeated heat-based styling applications such as with repeated use of flat or curling iron, hair dryer, and other devices using heat.

As soon as Polycare® HEAT Therapy is applied, it begins to straighten and discipline hair even before using heat treatments. It then accelerates the efficiency of the heat device to provide quicker straightening results. Therefore, with better protection, hair is less exposed and suffers less damage.

Polycare® HEAT Therapy




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