Skin, especially of those in urban areas, is subjected to skin problems induced by stress and pollution. Continuous exposure to pollutants and micro-particles case skin to dull, dry, wrinkle and lose tonicity and firmness.Purisoft POE LS 9726 protects and purifies the skin from these damaging pollutants.

Purisoft® POE LS 9726 is a peptide obtained by extraction from Moringa seeds in an aqueous/glycerin solution. Moringa has been used in ancient civilizations for its nutritive and medicinal properties. The fruit contains 70-20 seeds in which the Micro-protein of 2 peptides is extracted without chemical solvents.






Purisoft® POE LS 9726 has a dual activity, combining:

  • The capacity of protecting skin cells against aggressions bypollutants.
  • The efficacy in purifying the skin, by facilitating the removal of all micro-particles, coming from the environment that “asphyxiate” the skin.

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