Rheocare HSP-1180 is a polyacrylamidomethylpropane sulfonic acid homopolymer of acrylamidomethyl-propane sulfonic acid. Rheocare HSP-1180 has been designed to provide cosmetic formulations with a high degree of lubricity both during and after use even at low concentrations. In this manner, its effect is two-fold. First, the consumer perceives an elegant, aesthetically pleasing slip during the application, and second, a talc-like residual feel later on. Additionally, Rheocare HSP-1180 will act as an auxiliary-thickening agent particularly in hydro alcoholic systems that are resistant to viscosity build-up. Furthermore, because Rheocare HSP-1180 contains, as part of its molecular structure, sulfonic acid groups, it is soluble in strong acids and strong bases (where it can be effectively neutralized by a host of alkaline cations).

Rheocare HSP-1180 is ideally suited for application in creams and lotions, liquid (i.e. roll-ons) antiperspirants, shaving creams, nail polish removers, liquid and bar soaps, after-bath splash, and other areas where lubricious effects and/or viscosity effects are desired.

Aesthetically pleasing slip during application and has a talc-like residual feel later on. It is soluble in strong acids.


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