Rhodapex ESB 70 NAT MB is a70% active primary cleanser and foaming agent for shampoos, shower gels and liquid hand soaps. It is a petrochemical-free, 100% plant-based and 100% renewable carbon index (RCI) material. This product addresses consumer demand for improved sustainability claims. Quantitative LCA confirms lower carbon footprint (Sugar cane residue/Bagasse is burnt to generate energy . CO2 from renewable sources do not contribute to GHG).

Sustainability profile:

  • Petrochemical-free, derived from sugar cane and palm oil
  • 86% vegetable origin (%RMw)
  • 100% renewable carbon (RCI)
  • 30% reduction of Green House Gas emissions
  • Production process designed to take benefit from sugar cane wastes to generate energy

Key benefits for formulators

  • Performance equal to conventional SLES
  • Behaves like conventional SLES
  • Available in a 70% actives form
  • Natural raw material
  • A response to consumer demand for sustainable cosmetic solutions


This product is used in following formulations:

  • Liquid soap
  • Creams and lotions
  • Shampoo
  • Foam baths
  • Shower products.
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