Rhodapon CAS-100N MB is a 100% active cleansing and foaming, vegetable derived alkyl sulfate from coconut. In the needle form, the product is free flowing and disperses easily in water. Heat is required to fully dissolve the product. Mackol CAS-100N MB provides excellent lather, thickening and conditioning properties. It is also an excellent replacement for betaines and alkanolamides in personal cleansing products. A unique, naturally derived anionic surfactant for the formulation of “natural type” personal cleansing products that is preservative-free.

Sustainability Profile:

  • 67% vegetable origin (%RMw) derived from coconut oil
  • 100% renewable carbon (RCI)
  • 100% active dry form allowing savings in transportation cost and lower Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Sustainable purchasing and sourcing from coconut oil local plantations
  • Ideal for high Natural content formulations
  • Coconut oil-derived
  • Dioxane-free
  • PEG-free
  • Preservative-free
  • Suitable for Ecocert, NPA and Whole Foods formulations



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