RHODAPON© OLS is recommended for applications such as: fire extinguishing foam agent, mercerizing agent for textiles, surfactant in electrolyte baths for metal cleaning and wetting agent for hard surface cleaning. In the mercerizing of grey cotton goods, RHODAPON© OLS wets efficiently and remains stable in the 20-25% caustic solutions generally used for this purpose. At levels of 1% surfactant, RHODAPON© OLS demonstrates wetting times of 6.9 seconds in 20% NaOH and 8.3 seconds in 25% NaOH. These figures represent the sinking time for a standard bundle of cotton in a caustic solution of mercerizing strength. Used as a rinse aid, RHODAPON© OLS helps dishes and glassware to drain completely, reducing spots and streaks. The low foaming characteristics of RHODAPON© OLS permit its use in automatic dishwashers or other mechanical cleaning devices where rapid agitation occurs.

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