SensaGlo™️ BL 315 FLAKE BM, formally branded as TEGIN® BL 315 FLAKE MB, is a pearlizing agents. Forms in surfactant formulations a bright white opalescence. In O/W emulsions has consistency building and stabilizing properties. The higher melting point of SensaGlo™️ BL 315 FLAKE BM causes at higher temperatures a better stability of the pearlizing effect.

This ingredient gives a brilliant pearlizing effect to shampoos, shower and foam baths. Hot dispersed in surfactant systems, it forms pearlizing crystals while cooling down.

  • dispersing agent
  • high density
  • based on vegetable raw materials

Features & Benefits of SensaGlo™️ BL 315 FLAKE BM

  • High active matter
  • Cost-efficient


  • Bath preparations
  • Hair cleansing
  • Skin cleansing

SensaGlo™️ BL 315 FLAKE BM









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