SolaStay® P1 (Polyester-25), a bis-methoxycrylene/octyldodecyl adipic acid/methylpropanediol copolymer, is a highly effective singlet state quencher, permitting formulators to combine active ingredients once considered too photo-unstable to be effective. SolaStay® P1 is a copolymer that photo stabilizes Avobenzone extremely well. As with SolaStay® S1, it protects against lost of absorbance much faster than Octocrylene, and is suitable for beach and daily wear products in spray, lotion, cream, balm and gel forms. As a polymer, it may enhance the water resistance of products in which it is incorporated. It is most effective in combination with other photostabilizers. Typical use level: 1 – 5%.

Features & Benefits of SolaStay® P1:

  • Substantivity Aid
  • Sunscreen Active Photostabilizer
  • Water Resistance Enhancement
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