SunSHINE® Effects, based on synthetic mica (INCI designation Synthetic Fluorphlogopite), offer unmatched quality and performance in cosmetic applications.

SunSHINE® effects provide some of the lowest residual heavy metals levels available in the market today. Their improved transparency, luster, chroma and smoothness make them ideally suited for use in all finished product formulations.

Key attributes & benefits:

  • Greater batch to batch consistency versus natural mica-based effect pigments
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Low residual heavy metals levels
  • Broad range of particle sizes for just the right look

SunSHINE Color Effects Brochure

SunSHINE® Mystic Black Brochure

Pigments Available

SunSHINE® Silver Dust C833200
SunSHINE® Super Raspberry C833230
SunSHINE® Super Pink C833231
SunSHINE® Royal Violet C833240
SunSHINE® Midnight Silver C833241
SunSHINE® Blazing Blue C833250
SunSHINE® Super Deep Blue C833251
SunSHINE® Imperial Green C833260
SunSHINE® Absolute Aqua C833261
SunSHINE® Blush Bronze C833280
SunSHINE® Khaki Gold C833401
SunSHINE® Ice Violet C833402
SunSHINE® Diamond Purple C833403
SunSHINE® Carmine Gold C833404
SunSHINE® Star Blue C833405
SunSHINE® Precious Pink C833406
SunSHINE® Egyptian Gold C834214
SunSHINE® Precious Sunset C833222
SunSHINE® Fancy Peach C833232
SunSHINE® Wildflower C834232
SunSHINE® Polar Lights C833242
SunSHINE® Galaxy Blue C833452
SunSHINE® Mermaid Blue C833454
SunSHINE® Summer Green C833262
SunSHINE® Frosted Lemon C834204
SunSHINE® Frosted Silver C834202
SunSHINE® Mystic Black C848240
SunSHINE® Pink Champagne C834215
SunSHINE® Iris Blue C834255
SunSHINE® Raspberry C834135
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