Premium synthetic mica-based pearls deliver exceptional visual fidelity through unparalleled color travel, luster and transparency. When combined with conventional cosmetic pigments, striking color transitions can be achieved. SunSHINE Color Travel Effects are optimized for use in even the most stringent applications by utilising market-leading purity standards and improved feel characteristics versus colour-shifting glass flakes. Explore SunSHINE Color Travel Effects and discover color without boundaries.


The full SunSHINE Color Travel Effects line includes:

  • SunSHINE® Golden Sunrise (C924210)
  • SunSHINE® Solar Explosion (C924230)
  • SunSHINE® Violet Aurora (C924240)
  • SunSHINE® Daybreak Blue (C924250)
  • SunSHINE® Northern Lights (C924260)


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