Traditionally, sunscreens were used to protect people from sunburn, primarily caused by UVB rays. Protection from UVA rays is essential, as they can also alter the regeneration process of our skin tissue and accelerate skin aging. TINOSORB® S offers highly effective, organic oil based broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.Besides excellent performance as a photo-stable broad-spectrum UV filter, it is compatible with organic and inorganic filters, meets high safety requirements and is oil soluble for high water resistance. TINOSORB® S can help you meet the most stringent UV protection requirements around the world.


  • Excellent broad-spectrum sun protection
  • Highest contribution to SPF and UVA protection at low concentration
  • Excellent photo-stability for long lasting protection
  • Most efficient oil-soluble broad-spectrum UV Filter
  • Outstanding stabilizer for photo-unstable UV Filters
  • Excellent skin care and repair


Check out information on the PASS Coalition Sunscreen Innovation Act


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