Total Generation Sequoia & Egyptian blue lily helps to get back a natural densification thanks to a better cohesion between the two skin layers, dermis and epidermis. It boosts and changes the initial cell and fiber synthesis, the one of keratinocytes and of collagens – the two elements that allow skin to stay young and thick. Therefore it can help that synthesis to recover its initial function: creating skin supporting fibers. But also in order that the contact zone between the two skin layers keeps its anchorage points. In the same time, it limits the creation of free radicals, the 3rd essential factor of skin ageing. Thanks to those actions, the different layers keep on being linked to each other with cells always operating.

Key points

  • An active plant cell
    • Developed to deliver the highest amount of original active molecules.
  • A high tech natural ingredient
    • Created to preserve and improve the identity and the benefits of a natural product.
  • A global anti-ageing action
    • Reinforces cell activities at the dermoepidermal level to limit ageing signs.

Because skin limits its renewal process when ageing, it is necessary to maintain it in order that it keeps its supporting functions at their original level. To get a skin looking younger, firmer and smoother.

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