Ucuuba Butter ST Grade acts as an emollient. Ucuuba butter is extracted from the fruit seed. It provides hydration with rapid abdorption by the skin, allowing the recovery of dry areas. 

Because of its high melting point and pleasant odor, ucuuba butter is widely used in the composition of candles. It can also be used indicated in the manufacture of care products to male skin, hair and cosmetics due to its dry and pleasant touch.

The Virola surinamensis species belonging to Myristicaceae family, is a plant native to the Amazon region, popularly known as Ucuuba, its habitat is the Lowland and Igapós.

The ucuuba tree is medium in size and can measure up to 40 m tall, the fruit gathering is carried out from January to March, the seed can be pressed for oil extraction.

In Brazil, ucuuba is mainly found in the Amazon basin reaching the whole state of Amazonas, Pará, part of Maranhão, Ceará and Goiás, which prevails in flooded areas on the banks of rivers, creeks, holes and paranás, and areas that can be affected by the floods.

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        Virola Surinamensis Seed Butter, Tocopherol