Vegeseryl‚Ñ¢ HGP LS 9874 is native botanical proteins extracted from the seed of a renewing leguminous, glycine soya, which combines naturally albumins and globulins with a high molecular weight.Vegeseryl‚Ñ¢ HGP is a concentrated colloidal hydrosolution, like animal serum, stable, ready for use.Vegeseryl‚Ñ¢ HGP is biochemically and functionally adapted to the needs and to the physiology of skin cells.

Thanks to its multiple benefits, Vegeseryl‚Ñ¢ HGP has many applications in skin and cosmetic applications. Such as Anti-wrinkle and repairing; smoothing skin surface especially for damaged skin, and helps to prevent and soothens visible signs of aging. Improving skin elasticity and suppleness. Provides a nutritious, stimulating and regenerating effect on cells. An anti-toxic and cytoprotecting effect (preventive and repairing effect for the skin. Possesses bio-emulsifying and foaming properties (interfacial property protein / lipid).


  • anti-age
  • smoothing care
  • moisturizing
  • elastifying
  • softening care
  • protecting
  • repairing care
  • strengthening skin defense
  • Hydroretaining
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