Vegetable Placental Extracts (VGPE and SUPER PLUS 10) are active, 100% Plant-based extraction ingredients which are totally identical to Human Placenta Extract in functionality and promoted as the ultimate replacement for a re-formulating animal (especially) bovine or porcine (pork) placental based skin-care products as it is completely Animal Cruelty-Free.

There are 3 grades of Vegetable Placental Extracts (VGPE) along with the 2 options highlighted below.

The Vegetable Placental Extract-Super Plus 10 has added functionalities:

  • supports the formation of new cells and counteracts keratinization of the skin
  • activates the flow of body fluids to the epidermis, and consequently promotes circulation
  • adaptogenically metabolizes to flush-out the excessive fat cells (cellulite)
  • influences the specific-formation of new fat tissues in scaly and chapped skin
  • counteracts seborrhoeic and inflammatory changes of the skin
  • improves peripheral circulation

Muthu Thulasi AHSI Sphingolipids Extract Enzymatically functions as a pseudo-human placental enzyme in the regeneration of aging human cellular structures via transphosphorylation of zinc (increasing) content of the skin cells.


See specifications for all 5 in the attached TDS. When requesting a sample please be sure to specify which product you are looking for.



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